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Once More

I feel your touch linger on my body,

even after we part ways.

I want to reverse time so I can;

revolve in your warm caresses yet again .

But i can't change time, so i must wait.

Til we meet again, to feel your soothing touch.

I have come to love.


Addicted to.

Inspired my recent developments in my personal life ...with hope and new feelings youknowwhoyouare


Dear これ人

えと...私は今ボーイフレンドー を持っている. いいえ,わたしはじみちです.私の一番ボーイフレンドー ですね.
i hope that made snese
Hmmm.... sometimes i want my own person u know... or even better star in my own personal drama show .. i want the second lead male......

i got myself a person i shall not name names but omg........ ha in ur face high school who said ill be by myself forever .... loser

Mar. 7th, 2016

Hmmm.... sometimes i want my own person u know... or even better star in my own personal drama show .. i want the second lead male
a few day  late but as you  know my poor old lappie was giving me trouble and thats enough about me .. lets get back to my story

Dear Kore Hito,
well how to  say this .. uh lets begin by *tilts my head* ahhh  i got it ..
i sometimes think if i had a boyfriend like a Absolute Boyfriend that would be nice
*sighs softly*  who can cook clean and be fashionable..  that sounds amazing
just like a story out of a shoujo manga.angst included
hehe... here is  yet another one...... my weird new story

Dear  Kore Hito,

naeil, today this really kawaii namja smiled... or did he really i think it was at  me... hmmm...
 yes yes he was .... this feeling far and rare well not rare i dare say but not very often nowadays.
'Concert Concert Concert....i realllyyy reaallllyyy wannna goo.... can i please go~ oh cmon i its SHINee we are talking about '
 thiis is the converstion going in my poor little brain of mine *shakes my head*

i worry about what going in my head and ....  i neeed  more doses of my k-drama sooo addicting i tell you one thing you start off watching coffee prince then soon you end up watching more and morei its awesome
i feel bad that i havent visited here more often ..... i miss my journal

 so  i was thinking of making a online dairy of sorts(new story)... to keep things more interesting ......
change names and such things a that for obliviuos reasons.... soorryin advance for my bad grammer

Dear Kore Hito,

i dont  how ti start this... let me see ahhh  i wonder what life would be like if  life was like  a K-Drama*thinks dreamily*
 that  would be awsome reallly  just ahhh i want thesecond lead to fall for me
*heart eyes* .. the lead male is always the cocky one.. and second lead is the bestfriend  of the lead male or even sadly the lead female
the reason why i want the  second  male to fall for me .all that drama will spark up  my boring drama-less life

new feeeling

O.M.G~~~~    this  feeling ... new feeling i dont understand
please tell me what it is ....
hmm.... i am thinking about re starting my stroy again  " til the end yeobo  my JongKey fanfiction  hmmm  my english teacher sadi it was a good story 

* wind blowing,* Silence



heheh oopps caps was on xD